Larisa Shepitko's THE ASCENT

Russian director Larisa Shepitko became internationally known after her work "The Ascent" won the Golden Bear at the BFF (1977). It was her final work. I got the Eclipse Series 11 double-disc box and I just managed to see it. (I still have to see the other movie: Wings).
Set in WWII, the narrative follows two Belorussian peasant soldier who left their troop in search of help and got isolated in the snowy landscape.

This is the full movie:

The movie ends with a strong Christian metaphor, one of the two protagonist will have the fate of Jesus while the other will play the role of Judas. There's a strong tie between the Russian cinema and Christianity it seems.
Overall a solid movie and a beautiful cinematography. The Criterion (Eclipse) transfer quality is far better than the video posted above.

I still think Klimov's "Come and See" (also about WWii) is a better movie and definitely a must see.