Den Brysomme Mannen (The Bothersome Man) - Trailer [english subtitles]

Just watched this very good Norwegian film that reminded me of Welles and also Antonioni with the shots. About a guy who lives in a zombie existence, where everything is pleasant but nothing is passionate. People go on in a robot-like existence. The ending I thought was a cop-out, but definitely worth the watch b/c it has both the dreamlike 'weirdness' that is also grounded in a gruesome reality and is much better than anything by Charlie Kaufman. To me, this seems like the sort of film he wished he could make. A good commentary on philosophical zombies. Also reminded me of Dark City a little. On NF streaming.

That Girl TV show theme song


HIDDEN LOVE (L'Amour Cache) Theatrical Trailer

Another interesting film on streaming albeit not as deep as Secret Sunshine. Depicts the mother/daughter relationship in a Bergman-like way.

Secret Sunshine

A film available on NF streaming. Great film depicting grief in a realistic manner.

MST3K - Favorite Moments - Lost Continent


Mighty Joe Young (1949) - Movie Trailer

Loved this as a kid. Watched it every Thanksgiving with King Kong and Son Of Kong, along with Godzilla marathons.


2001 A Space Odyssey Opening in 1080 HD

If there is a greater cinematic opening, I don't know of it. I admit I am envious of those who have never watched this, as I would love to see this again for the 1st time.

Toshiro Mifune Tribute