Bonneville Official Trailer

Here's a film I streamed off NF. I enjoyed it--a good "girl" movie aimed for older crowds. The ending was a little weak, but it overall had a sweetness to it. Also, the scenery is to die for.

Idi Amin


Clockwork Orange Trailer

Year of the Dog - Trailer

I watched this film written by Mike White. While it was well-written, it was depressing as hell and the comedy is majorly misleading. Why try to market something as a comedy when it isn't?


Before Sunset Movie Trailer

I streamed this last night. A follow up to the 1995 film Before Sunrise. This sequel is actually better and tighter than the original. Finishing at less than 80 mins, the characters are a bit more complex and mature, albeit they hate their lives pretty much. Still suffers from some of that yuppie shit, but ok. Not My Dinner With Andre, but worth the watch.

Radio Days trailer


The Fox Scene from Antichrist (Chaos Reigns)

Someone told me this movie sucked. I won't be watching it as it sounds like one of those films just trying to "shock" for the sake of shocking. But this scene in particular looks really dumb.

"Godzilla's Revenge" Theatrical Trailer (1969)

Jess finally watched this film. She said it was cute and enjoyed it. Probably my favorite film from childhood.


"Shutter Island" - Official Trailer [HD]

I streamed Shutter Island last night and it reminded me a lot of The Departed. It's a movie that, while has some nice imagery, is primarily dependent on plot and "twists and turns" so much that there's no reason to watch it more than twice. Once for the initial viewing, and maybe a 2nd time to see more of the "twists and turns" but after that? That's it. Definitely more Hollywood and conventional than Scorsese's earlier and better pictures. The man has not made anything great since Goodfellas.


Salo - A film by Pier Pasolini (Condensed)

Jessica's favorite film. After seeing this she developed a scat obsession.


Saving Private Ryan (1998) - Official Trailer

This is Dan's vote for the greatest film ever made. The reason it's not on the Great Film List is because he feels that the list is not even worthy enough for this masterpiece. As culled from a recent essay: "As a poet, I find the blood and carnage within this film to be ever so visceral but also Hank's stolid performance reassures me of the sensibility that exists within this post-apocalyptic universe."