Blue Valentine - Trailer

Not a great film but an excellent one that shows potential for its director to be one of the best in America.



Watched this tonight and it is great. Also available on streaming, but shorter version only. Full version is 180 mins. I would love to be a double for a member of royalty. How fun.

Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips.

An infamous but funny cartoon.


“Spider-Man” (1967)

Bakshi also wrote and directed nearly every episode of the second and third seasons of this series. I saw re-runs of this as a kid, and to date, it remains the only good thing Ralph Bakshi has ever done.

細雪(The Makioka Sisters) 1983 Trailer Ichikawa, Kon

I watched this last night, which is based on the Tanizaki novel. While I have not read the novel, this film was just ok. Sort of a lesser Ozu. The music doesn't make sense to me, as it sounds very 80s synthesized in parts. This is not one of Ichikawa's best--Fires on the Plain and Burmese Harp were both much better.

Fritz the Cat monologue

Recall this film from when I was a kid.


“The Lord of the Rings” (1978) by Ralph Bakshi

Never read Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, but I saw this animation as a kid, and I saw Peter Jackson’s live action film trilogy when it came out in the early 2000s. Bakshi’s film is not good, but it’s actually better than Jackson’s bloated pseudo-epics are, because it’s shorter and less pompous. The 1978 film ends at the exact same point that The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ends, yet it’s a third as long, and tells in one film what Jackson took two films to tell.

I also think this film’s version of Sauron is creepier, and the effects of Frodo wearing the One Ring were much better handled. Hell, Christopher Lee’s Saruman was a much better villain in the live action adaptation. HE should’ve been the main antagonist. Why? Because he’s Christopher fuckin’ Lee! He can make anything cool.

Charlotte's Web (1973) theatrical trailer

Good adaptation of a good kid's book.


The Hobbit (1977) - Part 1

A really dull book that was made passable by this cartoon. I don't have high hopes for the Peter Jackson live version.


tony randall show

This was a very good show that Randall did after The Odd Couple. Too bad it never got a real shot.


Revenge of a Kabuki Actor - A Kon Ichikawa Film

A film I watched tonight. Interesting and good--funny at times. Overall, it had nice scenery--much of it appeared like a stage setting. I plan to request The Makioka Sisters next, since that is based on the Tanizaki novel.

This film was good, though Fires on the Plain and Burmese Harp are better.

The Monkees on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

A classic 60s show.


70's What's Happening Intro

Fun show but not with the potential of Good Times.

Good Times

Closing theme to one of the more disappointing shows of all time; since it could have been great but failed.


Magnum PI Theme Opening

Never watched this show in its heyday, and only saw it a few years back when I was jobless. Better writing and acting than I'd've thought and Tom Selleck was actually a good actor.


Buffy and Jody's first day of school

Family Affair was a show I liked when really young but haven';t seen in years.


Addams Family TV Show Opening 1964

Objectively a better show than The Munsters, but Fred Gwynne was Peter Griffin before Family Guy, so The Munsters were the show I liked better.



Them! Trailer (1954)

Streamed this tonight. Dan's influence is infecting me. I enjoyed this and thought it was pretty good. The added bits of sexism are funny--like this one scene where this dope of a detective isn't comfortable addressing a woman as "doctor."

"You can call me Pat if it makes you feel more comfortable."

And then anytime they begin speaking in science jargon, he is like, "Hey buddy! Try speakin' English! I'm a dope!"

Maude theme: and then there's Maude

Another good show from the 70s.



This scene was omitted from the original film. I don't see why--it is only yoga.

All In The Family - Judging Books By Covers 1-3

Great episode featuring future General Hospital star Tony Geary who, in real life, is gay.


Running on Empty (1988) Trailer

I streamed this Lumet film last night. A good-solid movie but nothing great. Suffers a little from that '80s cheese factor. I probably enjoyed The Morning After better, but they're on par.

Still my fave Lumets are Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon.

Wonderama with Bob McAllister

Another show from my youth, in the 70s.