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Prose excerpt from Jess's novel, Pandu's Season.


Quick With Flies

Jess novel excerpt with music from Thomas Evans' 5 Suggestions.


Omniversica #7: Film And TV (full show)

Youtube increased my time limit from 2 hours to 130 mins, so now all the Omni shows are available in full.

American Sonnet 1

Whoops- the finished version.

Gala And The Cliff

Jess poem.

American Sonnet 1

Classic sonnet of mine read by Alex Sheremet with music by Thomas Evans.



Omniversica #9: Fringe Science

Another classic. I'm finally allowed to upload shows over 2 hours in length!



Omniversica #4: Music- Soul And Jazz

Show #4 from the archives! Featuring Marc Taylor and Robert Levin.


Omniversica #2: James Emanuel, Great Poet

You know you've been waiting years to hear it. The James Emanuel Omniversica Interview has arrived!


Omniversica #1: First Show

After a decade offline, and a dozen years after it pioneered Internet radio, Omniversica is back online!