Jonny Quest

More crap from youth- never liked this show, though.


Sweet And Lowdown

One of Woody's better post-Golden Age films.

Allen's latest work

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Woody Allen's latest is a bit better than what the critics has written about it. Overall it's a mix of Husbands and Wives and A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy though comparison with those two movies is a waste of time since the new movie is far more inferior (substance and style).

The movie starts with a nice engaging mood but quickly turns into a boring story with ALL its one-dimensional, predictable , stereotyped characters (Even Hopkins is unable to add any value to his character). Banderas is as bad as always, luckily enough his appearance on screen is short. Recommended to those -like me- who are at peace with Allen's current work and not expecting anything beyond an ok movie.



Once Upon a Time in the West

Here’s the greatest shootout of all time from the greatest Western of all time. Forget what anyone else says, THIS is it. No one can top Sergio Leone, and this is arguably his best film, with good arguments also being made for Once Upon a Time in America. It’s perfect, totally fuckin’ epic. And I don’t throw that word around lightly, this truly IS epic, for epic means scope as well as length.

Live and Let Die (James Bond Film Theme)


Love Story

This schlock classic's music was all over the place when I was a child.


Sunrise, Sunset

The music Geoff mentions below is really a take on this song.

Nino Rota

My God! This is the exact same music that he’d use in The Godfather. Skip forward to 0:57, and you’ll see that it is the Love Theme From The Godfather verbatim…except that the tempo was a bit slower and the arrangement a bit more somber.