Manhattan Murder Mystery.

I watched another lite Woody film the other day, this one Manhattan Murder Mystery. This film was released right after the Woody-Mia scandal and originally the part was going to go to Mia, rather than Diane, but I think Diane is much better suited for this comic role. She and Woody also have a great screen chemistry.

I enjoy all aspects of Woody, from his deeper, more resonant films like Another Woman and Stardust Memories, to that of Sleeper and Manhattan Murder Mystery. After have just endured a fluffy interview with the BBC about chick lit, it's amazing how people are so willing to settle for fluff and mediocrity. They always defend it, thinking that "people need an escape" as though quality art isn't an escape as well. I am disappointed in the interview because I only got to say like 5 % of what I wanted, but what can you do?

This is one of the many reasons for why quality suffers, it's all about what people "like" and "escape" is their primary concern, over say, quality, which can also offer an escape, but something more as well. Woody is someone who values comedy and the occasional lite flick, but even his lite flicks offer some wit and entertainment. He's allowed to have some lite entertainment here and there, because he's earned it, with having put out so many great films throughout his career.

Though if I am forced to pick my fave lite Woody film, it would probably be Love & Death.