All Good Things - Official Trailer [HD]

I streamed this film last night and it's directed by the same director of Capturing the Friedmans. The 1st 2/3rds of it is quite good for a thriller, but the final 3rd tanks. This is based on real events, where a woman married into a rich family and then went missing in 1982.

What is interesting is to see their marriage deteriorate b/c hubby is a psycho, but he works up to it, you see? It's interesting to note his little nasty and belittling mannerisms towards his wife, notably whenever she achieves any sort of success. He's a talentless, lazy loser and is resentful when she finishes college (he refuses to stand and clap at her ceremony) and then when she learns that she gets into med school, he jumps into a cold river to pretend to pull a boat in, but really he wants to distract her and cause her concern.

Also, there's a scene where she is at her mom's house celebrating her graduating college and he tells her they have to leave, but she refuses and so he then pulls her out by the hair. It's pretty sick shit.

Frank Langella is also in this and there are some great asshole moments with his character. What a rich, nasty bastard he plays.