Barney's Version (Richard J. Lewis, 2010)

Saw this movie last night, was a very mixed bag.  The main character, played excellently by Paul Giamatti, is interesting and has more meat to him than your typical Hollywood protagonist, but the movie also indulges a lot of conventions and melodramatic twists that it didn't really need and could have stood to replace them with better-developed themes and characters.  The very first image is pretty excellent, though; would that the rest of the movie could have been in that vein, I think it could have been something really special (the last part of the movie works toward this, but it has too much ground to make up to really work).  As for the trailer: the movie actually develops along similar lines (starting with the quirky indie comedy schtick and turning into something more serious in the second half or so), but it's a bit darker than the trailer lets on.