The Scariest Scene in All of Disney

Needless to say this isn’t exactly what you think of when you think Disney. I mean, was any other Disney film as scary as this one…at least for children? This is why this one is easily the best. Many people think children can’t handle this shit; in truth, they love it. This film actually assumes children’s intelligence and treats them like adults, in both cases unlike most of the other films Disney produced. I mean, this guy is fuckin’ scary, even as an adult! In fact, I’d actually forgotten about this scene until I rewatched my VHS today, and it sent chills up my spine…and I’m a perfectly normal healthy adult! Many people say that that creature at the end of Fantasia is the Devil—I disagree. The Evil Coachman from Pinocchio is the Devil…and here’s the proof

I mean, WOW! For a long time, there’s been debate over who the greatest Disney villain is. The debate is now officially over. The Evil Coachman is the best/worst Disney villain, hands down. No one else can top him. He is a force of pure evil…and unlike many other Disney villains, he survives! He survives and nothing happens to him! He continues gleefully and sadistically being the Devil, without any comeuppance! I’m surprised the Hays Code didn’t go on Disney’s ass for this! WOW!

It’s sad they never went this dark or this scary again, in 70 years since this terrific film came out. They really had something going here.