The Lost World (1925)

Harry Hoyt's 1925 silent film, The Lost World, was one of the first sci fi adventure type films made that featured dinosaurs.

Much of its plot was re-worked in King Kong, made a decade later. Taken from the story by Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, the tale is much the same.

A captured dinosaur- a Brontosaurus, is brought back to a big city (this time London) and havoc ensues. The beast escapes, and the man who captured it loses all- a future, money, and his love.

King Kong was not the only film to borrow this plot, but few films can be claimed to have started a genre in film.

The Lost World
, while an important film, in the sense just mentioned, is not a great film, even by the more lax standards of the silent film form. But, it is a fun film, and because it is in the public domain, you can watch it all here, at Cinemension.